Urban Legend of the Slaughterhouse 

According to Urban Legend more than animals lost their lives at Farmer John's meat packing plant, also know today as the Slaughterhouse in Tucson, Arizona. In 1964 it is rumored that the factory shut down after the children of the owner Warren James suspiciously went missing. The nanny, Miss Stiles, brought the children Sarah and Nelson by to see their father and left them in his office for only a moment but when she returned they were gone. Mr James immediately shut down production and searched frantically for them throughout the building before contacting police. A week passed with no sign of the little ones.


Eventually there was foul play suspected and a warrant was issued to search the plant. Regrettably, the search turned up human remains in the cutter and processing rooms leading officials to the James children's mentally unstable uncle. They suspected him of hacking the poor little ones to bits and feeding them through a meat grinder. Of course a recall was sent out at once with the given reason "meat contaminants, human in nature". 


Although their bodies were never found Sarah and Nelson James were officially declared dead. Unfortunately, the madness drove their father to commit suicide in the boiler room of all places. Ten years later the new owners contacted police about trespassers in the plant; a little girl and boy had been seen running around. Matters only became worst when frightened employees persistently reported seeing a man tossing two kids into a meat grinder then vanishing.


It is said that twenty years later, in the same place that Warren James took his own life, the body of the deranged uncle was found hung with the words "I killed them" carved into his chest. Now the question is, there any truth to this story or all made up legend, we may never fully know but one thing is true and that is the Slaughterhouse in Tucson, AZ is haunted as hell, who's coming with us to find out??