You've heard about the urban legend, the murders and suicides. You've seen it on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. The once Farmer John's Meat Packing Plant, now know as the world renown haunted Slaughterhouse in Tucson Arizona. Now a haunted house attraction with a twist, it is truly haunted and ranked as one of the top 10 haunted locations West of the Mississippi. 


Now's your chance to mark the Slaughterhouse off your bucket list and experience this amazing locating for yourself along with some of the top seasoned paranormal investigators in the field today. Husband and wife team Jay and Marie Yates, haunted survivors and renown investigators, Lecturers, TV and Radio Personality's as well as Patti Negri, Hollywood White Witch, Psychic-Medium, Best selling Author/Speaker TV & Radio Personality and Doug Carnahan, renown Paranormal Investigator, Extreme Haunted Survivor, Lecturer, TV and Radio Personality.


Our profound experiences has lead us down the dark and extreme paranormal path to seek out and help people who are also experiencing dark and negative entities. We have bonded together to work with the most dire in need to help regain their life back. 


So who is ready to join us for an adventure of a lifetime and take on the world renown Haunted Slaughterhouse of Tucson, Arizona. Don't delay, get your tickets today.. Space will be limited. Let the madness begin!! 

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